I am a Soldier: Packet 3

Doug looked around the departure's area for some hint to their escape route. Bags were lined in no particular fashion, and desks and kiosks were abandoned with no evidence of escape. He checked his hack on the personal terminal again, and searched for more information on emergency exits.

Personnel had to have some record of emergency routes. Don't make me say please.

Running a search protocol pulled up the information he needed. Emergency Routes were trained extensively, but the training materials were public information. The only Hostile Threat Route was through the back by customs. It appeared to lead to an armory, which connected to a system of supply trams between each station.

Why would you separate the Personnel and Supply routes? 

Doug found his way to the customs area, where he was met by two guards, unarmed. One was a young man, shaking in his boots, the other a middle-aged woman who stood firm.

"Excuse me, sir. We will not resist your advancement. However, we would like to ask you what it is you seek in our station. If we can assist in any way to reduce casualties, we-"

I'm sorry, no comment.

Without a word, Doug watched the woman fall over. The young man, no older than seventeen, shook angrily as he dropped to his knees to check her pulse. Looking up at Doug, his eyes filled with rage.

"She's dead... Why? We weren't resisting! What the hell do you want!"

I'm sorry, no comment.

Doug grabbed at the boy, but was surprised when the boy wasn't there to grab. He was a hologram.

"Oh Doug. How many times do I have to tell you? You can't just run and gun your way to your goal."

That voice!

"What? Douglas? No No No! You can't! Not here! You'll get us both killed!"

"It's real simple. I know where it is now. That's all I needed you for."

"No! I won't let you again! This is my Operation! You'll have full reign when we reach our objective!"

"No, I'll have full reign now. Sleep well, young prince."

Blackness again... He really did it... Not again...