3D Food Printing


NASA is funding research into 3D printed food which would provide astronauts with meals during long space flights. The futuristic food printers would use cartridges of powder and oils which would have a shelf life of 30 years.

While the idea may seem like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, the process of printing food has already been proven possible. The brains behind the innovation, Anjan Contractor, previously printed chocolate in a bid to prove his concept.


Oh yes, this is real. Just imagine how much more we can do with 3D printing food! Ok, this may not have as big an impact on the every day life of people on earth, but it could greatly increase the comfort of astronauts, and also allow for longer manned missions.

It may even potentially allow for life-time manned missions, meaning people spend the rest of their lives on ships, or colonies(like the mission to Mars in 2023). I wouldn't expect this to end world hunger by any means, but it may definitely create the next step in preserving and shipping food. 

Let's just hope the Fast Food industry doesn't turn it's processes to 3D printing. I think the last thing I want is to know exactly how many preservatives and the process that goes into making the food. I wish to remain blissfully unaware of how a McRib is made.