Magnetospheres And You

May 3, 2013 — A University of Iowa undergraduate student has discovered that a process occurring in Saturn's magnetosphere is linked to the planet's seasons and changes with them, a finding that helps clarify the length of a Saturn day and could alter our understanding of Earth's magnetosphere.

Saturn's magnetosphere is the third largest structure in the solar system, eclipsed only by the magnetic fields of the sun and Jupiter. Unlike Earth, which has a visible rocky surface and rotates once every 24 hours, Saturn is composed mostly of clouds and liquid gas layers, each rotating about the planet at its own rate of speed. This variation in rotation made it difficult for scientists to pin down time for the planet.

Decades ago, a strong and naturally occurring radio signal, called Saturn kilometric radiation (SKR), was believed to give an accurate measurement of a Saturn day. But data gathered by an ESA/NASA spacecraft proved otherwise.


Ok. This one is a little bit out there, but I'd like to share it with you. One of my many concepts in the Chained Reality series overall is the idea of what I call "Gaiaforming". Don't let the name fool you, as it is designed moreso as building an entire solar system in order to create the conditions required for a habitable planet's formation.

Not only does the planet in question have to be in the Habitable Zone, but it also has to have surrounding planets that support it within the solar system itself.  They need a planet big enough to protect the Habitable Zone from Asteroids and other space debris(i.e. Jupiter).

Magnetospheres is where the process gets tricky. The idea is that you need the right conditions for the planet to create a magnetosphere, which helps to protect it from Solar Winds and the like(and potentially helps in forming atmosphere). 

So, how does a Magnetosphere form? The easy answer is from the planet's Magnetic Field. How do those magnetic fields come to be? From immense friction and moving elements inside it's core. If this is how a Magnetic Field is created, which creates a Magnetosphere, which is needed for atmosphere to form, how could we possibly do this scientifically? Even in science-fiction it would be incredibly hard to explain.

However, I think it's an interesting concept. Definitely worth mulling over in the old noggin. Think about it.