Our Future Jobs

This certainly is a challenging thing to understand. While we've all dreamed about a robot taking our crappy jobs and leaving us all with the good high-paying jobs, the unfortunate reality is that it just doesn't work that way.

One of the things he details in his talk is about the separation of Bill and Ted on an Economic and even Sociological level. The only differentiation is an education. There are actually a few things I disagree with here, but I'll save the politics and stay on course.

At the end of the day automating our labor-intensive jobs frees our society to be an intellectual one. There will come a point where learning a trade will be more of a hobby than a career, and jobs will be redefined entirely.

I think the best part about all of this is that it shouldn't be a future to fear. This is very good for the human race and may bring us to a point where we can focus on the real problems in our society. Who knows, maybe we'll find that it strengthens our economy depending upon how we react to it.