Science of Persuasion

This video is geared more towards business and sales, but I think there are still things to learn for your every day life. A lot of people may think that the word "Persuasion" is in itself a bit heavy handed. The idea that you are subconsciously affecting a person's decisions is less than agreeable on paper.

At the same time, it's simply part of human nature. These aren't things that we go around and make someone do something they don't want to do(or maybe we can?). It's all about understanding how we interact with each other and what is important enough to us to affect our decisions.

Advertising companies use this information to persuade us into buying their product, as everyone knows, but the interesting idea behind all of this is that everyone would certainly tell you that they are not susceptible to those techniques.

Is that true though? No, it's not true. Everyone is susceptible at some point, despite our best efforts to think them through and not allow them to persuade us. It basically ends up being us having to accept how our brain works when socializing with others. There's only so much we can do about that!