Nostalgia and Memories


Yet another video by VSauce that makes you think about your every day life. We've all had a point where a song get's stuck in our head(pleasant and unpleasant ones), and I'm sure we've all had a point where we felt nostalgic for somewhere we've been, a game we've played, a moment in time we want to remember.

This explains in fairly good detail why that may be the case. Perhaps we're simply trying to reinforce who we are, how our memories form to create our personality. Maybe we are simply re-experiencing things we had forgotten, and our brain is reminding us of better times.

It becomes a grey area though when dealing with False Memories. How do we know it's a false memory? If we remember something so fondly, and so vividly, would we even believe someone else telling us it didn't happen? They aren't us, they don't know how it went! How do we know that they aren't the one with the false memory?

The tricky part is almost everyone has a false memory. We tend to spin our happy moments in greater favor than what actually happens, and we also tend to spin our bad moments to justify our actions during that time. Perhaps the real question is: Can we trust how our brains function? Do we even have a choice?