Being Mindful


Meditation is a practice many find to be silly and superstitious in nature. However, there is something going on in your brain when you meditate, and remain cognitively aware. Your brain tends to function greater with less clutter. That's it. It's that simple.

We live in a world of constant planning, constant reconciling of past or future events. There is always something to worry about. When we take the time to remove ourselves from all of these obstructions in our psyche it allows our brain the breathing room to function on a greater level.

Ever notice that you're stressed when you have things to plan? Why is that? Even something happy like a Wedding tends to be incredibly stressful. This is purely because of the increased use of brain power from other functions! 

So next time you feel overly stressed, there's too much to worry about, and clearing your mind to gather your thoughts seems like too much time to take - Remember there is a reason for your stress. And there is also a fix to allow you more brain power to organize and work through your thoughts!