Make It Rain!

Literally. Cloud Seeding is a practice employed(and for many still up for debate) by multiple countries in hopes of reducing drought and also to potentially fend off dangerous storms. In my home state of Minnesota, we are currently on track for one of the wettest years in our history.

Now we all make jokes about how we're glad we don't live in Seattle, but it's true that a very big chunk of our year has been snow and rain. There is something to be said for understanding these kinds of practices. Because not only can we induce rain from already heavy clouds, but we can also potentially prevent hurricanes.

Some have even hypothesized the ability to artificially discharge lightning in storms are that likely to become hurricanes. I realize that some of this may be more of a pseudo-science than a real one. Yet it is still interesting to think about the many different ways that Humans have tried to manipulate weather to our own gain.

As much as this all seems awesome, the possibility of it being used for harm is also present. In any case, it's some pretty interesting stuff.