The Case for Edward Snowden


Many of us know about Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle blower that is currently in Russia potentially awaiting Extradition. As is the case with all politics, there are two very different sides going after this story. What I would like to detail here is the idea that this man has given up everything to do what he believes is right, whether people agree with him or not.

In this video you can see clearly that his emotions are running high, and he is heavily stressed. Between frequent swallowing, voice is subtly shaky and nervous, and the sheer tension in his facial expressions, this man is obviously lacking sleep over his current situation.

There is a book written by George Orwell named '1984' that many reference as a warning to where our current politics are going. I don't know if I believe this or not, but the idea that something like this would happen in our real world seems rather surreal and like something out of Science Fiction!

This whole situation is fascinating to me simply for the idea that many believe we are headed for a dystopian society, and sometimes with evidence to back up their claims. Would it not appear that we live in a world of drama, and sometimes ludicrous politics? Most of us would never dream of something like this happening to us, that's why we tend to keep the drama within our entertainment.

It is important to remember that things like this do happen in real life, whether we agree with them or not. Perhaps the most interesting part is thinking of what kind of story will unravel. We shall see what the future brings!