Our Life's Work

Mike Rowe is one of few people that I absolutely respect. Watching Dirty Jobs he definitely tries not to judge these jobs that none of us would ever really want to do. He brings up some very good points.

Why are we so afraid to work for a living? I'll be honest, I hate working. It's this sense of "I will never get my time back, and I don't want to waste it here" mentality that makes me a rather angry person. Is this a bad way to think?

Sort of. Everything takes time, and especially when you dream of doing something that a lot of other people enjoy, time is something you have to be patient with. Nothing is free. Nothing is instant.

Another question this raised for me is even if you are willing to do these trade jobs as a mid-way point, is it really wrong to seek something better than that? I don't have an answer for that one, since it really all depends on how you view your own life.

Mike talks about complacency in the opposite way I think of it as. Complacency to me is the idea that people get stuck at the same job, working it over and over simply to make due with what they have. Complacency is being happy with what you can get, as opposed to what you truly want. Is that the right definition? Well, I don't know. That's how I perceive it anyways.

Perhaps the real lesson to be learned here is have an open mind, and don't judge others for the things that they seek in their life. We can't say what their life is worth since we aren't them, and it's not our place to say. Certainly there is a lot to think about here.