Science of Laughter

We all love to laugh. Hell, I'm crazy excited for the new season of Whose Line is it Anyway?! But I doubt many of us have really taken the time to try and understand why laughter is so important to us.

But can we really believe that laughter is not a culturally based entity? Many of us have much different senses of humor. A lot of people like Monty Python, whereas a lot of people find their humor to be dry, and not too funny.

Others find shows like Whitest Kids u Know hilarious, whereas some may find it vulgar, and not too funny. At some point laughter is a personal taste, and therefore not easily explainable from person to person. However, in the case of the Mirror Neuron, it is safe to theorize that when someone else feels that sense of silliness or laughter, you in turn tend to find that particular thing funny too.

So next time you're watching a show or movie you may not think is too funny, try watching it with a friend! Sometimes having another person with you creates that sense of silliness, so you both can enjoy the laughter! Here's a derpy llama.