The Free Flow Of Knowledge

Benjamin Franklin created an entity for public good called the Junto in 1727. He did this with the hopes of spreading knowledge as far as possible, while also coming together to create services the public needed. It is through this ideology that the Public Library was created.

Today, we have something far greater than a local collection of books the locals turned in for everyone to read. We have almost EVERY book, EVERY lecture, EVERY piece of knowledge known to man stored somewhere on this massive entity called the Internet.

Now, we only have one problem. Where do we look for this knowledge? Well, that's why companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile, Ask, and the many other search engines are so successful. Humans are always hungry for knowledge! In every shape and form we have access to all the knowledge we could ever want, to the point it gets overwhelming!

This technological advancement has the potential to teach us all how to be smarter people, better people, and more informed people. Passions are manifested in many different ways thanks to the internet, and personal interest has become widespread. The fact you're reading this blog post right now is proof that even though this is my personal interest, there are many others who are interested in the very same thing!

Websites like Khan Academy can teach you Math, Sciences, and even History, all for free. Another great website is Code Academy, where you can learn HTML, Javascript, CSS, and even Website Design and Styling for free. 

On the more controversial end, things like Bittorrent and Pirate Bay(Take Caution, Ad's can be Mature!) have spread around far more than just Movies and Music. You can find teaching materials, lectures, and worksheets. And that's just one of the many torrent websites out there!

People may not think that torrenting these things is right, but my question is if something like Khan Academy can exist peacefully for free while spreading this knowledge, why is it so farfetched for others to do the same?


Ted Talks are another great example. These are completely free to watch, and are a great source of knowledge! I think it's safe to say, we're all capable of understanding how much this would benefit us as a race to keep this free flow of knowledge open!

Now comes the hard part. The Realization that some companies don't want this information to be made public, because profits will go down. That's not unreasonable, everyone has to make a living right? Well, I would argue that the money is a minor concern when you're comparing it to us growing as a species.

In closing, I urge everyone to remember it's always important to question! Even the things we think to be in our best interest!

I won't drag this on any longer than I have to, but here are some perfect examples of things you should question!


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