Books and Self Educating


Lisa Bu is a perfect example of someone who felt disappointed by what the world was giving her, but rejected that reality and made it her own. With the help of books, she sought different perspectives and ideas! Books are more than just a prose or written word for the sake of entertainment. Books divulge whether intentionally or not how the writer perceives the world!

However there are more mediums than books now that can give us different perspectives. Video Games are another great example for seeing the world through different eyes. Playing another character is fun, but any good game will give you perspective of the world through their eyes.

TV and Movies can provide this as well, and for some on a more entertaining scale. It can be just as beneficial to be an Observer to a situation as it is to be active in it. You simply have to remember to learn from the other's mistakes and experiences!

I think a lot of us have given thought to the value of entertainment in our society. It's not always an escape from the real world. Sometimes, it's a controlled learning experience to prepare us for the real world! But the real question is: Is everyone capable of learning in such a manner?