The Perpetual Machine

The human race is still in its infancy stages. We are starting to understand how vast of an existence we have! It stands to reason that if there is an intelligent race out there other than us, perhaps they simply have more interesting things to see than an infant race!

Science fiction has detailed traversing the universe in great lengths. It has touched lightly on the idea of alternate universes, but I don't think it has done it in quite the scale we are beginning to realize that it truly is.

The possibility of Infant Universes Spawning from our own brings me to the interesting idea of every Story, Video Game, Movie, TV show, Book, or anything could potentially be our minds being attuned to the Multi-Verse and giving us a glimpse of some of the other universes!

Think of your favorite story, one you loved so much you wished you could GO to that story's world and explore it for yourself. Now think of it this way: If Each universe truly is spawning other universes, there is a possibility that if we could learn how to pinpoint and travel to each universe, you actually COULD travel to that Universe and explore their world!

I certainly hope this is the case! If it is, the Human Race is destined for far more that we can possibly imagine now!