Carl Sagan: Perspective

Ok, just to be clear I am NOT one to endorse Zeitgeist at all. This video is posted purely for the wisdom Carl Sagan!

That being said, it's very easy to gain perspective on how important science is to us as a species. We only have one planet. There are no neighbors we could feasibly move to if we mess this up, and it's quite clear we aren't taking that responsibility seriously.

A large part of this is our perception of life is fundamentally flawed. We are an Intellectual society living with a Survivalist Society mentality. Our species existence is no longer about just surviving the harshness of our planet.

We now strive to seek out other planets, expand our intellectual understanding of the universe and just how far we can go! Yet we still struggle with problems like sheltering the homeless, feeding the less fortunate, or destroying the idea of poverty in the first place. When looking towards the universe and what the human race has left to achieve these problems seem awfully petty.

Perhaps our best course of action is to educate ourselves on what it means to play a role in this life. Is it enough to attain wealth? Is it enough to amass power within the public? Will we EVER achieve enough in our society to make our lives worthwhile?

Personally, I don't think that's enough. It will never be enough to amass wealth, or power over others. Life will only be worthwhile in the pursuit of knowledge and other worlds!