Minecraft and Blueprints


Unfortunately this isn't one of my builds. I'm not that awesome.

The Geometric nature of Minecraft and using single blocks to develop and measure the size of a building may be a valuable resource in laying down blueprints. Ok, it may not be a perfect way but it definitely is a good exercise in Geometry and laying down ground work.

A lot of Minecraft skeptics may be saying "But Minecraft doesn't even take real physics into account!". Well, you're right it doesn't. However there are a lot of things that it DOES do, and I'm not joking here. It's not difficult to develop a scale that represents what a house would really look like. Is it going to be perfect? No, it's representative.

You can't build exact replicas of rooms and houses unless you are doing so on a MASSIVE scale. Even still, it's a great exercise on learning texture, space management, and even in some cases interior decorating. 

Ok, fine, I admit it. I'm a Minecraft junkie. But the reason why is so beautiful that I just can't hide that nerdiness. Minecraft allows you to think on a full logical level, or on a basic mindset of how you build. Seriously, turn on a TV show one day and just open a creative map on Minecraft. After an hour, see what you've built. It's pretty amazing sometimes what you can do even when you're not paying full attention.