American Society: Intellectual or Primal?

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Are we a society of Intellectuals? Or do we still live on a Primal level? Well, let's stop and think about what Primal and Intellectual means. Primal can be referred to in societal terms as a collective that has placed an importance on solving the problem of basic survival needs; i.e. Food, Water, Shelter, Safety, and Reproduction. 

Intellectual can be referred to a society that has placed an importance on the expansion of their knowledge and ability to go above and beyond their basic survival needs towards new unknown frontiers. Now, we can definitely not define American society as a purely Primal culture. It would be a slap in the face of many around the world to say it was.

However, it also cannot be defined as a purely Intellectual society seeing as how a large chunk of our legislation and problem solving skills goes to social programs and the military. In fact, an abysmally small number of that government budget goes to education and scientific research.

This data is not to spark a political fight between sides! It is to remind us that if we were an intellectual society the issues of social safety nets, infrastructure, food, and agriculture would not vastly eclipse our educational and science efforts! Everything has it's place, and we can't ignore our other problems.

There is something to be said for gaining a balance, and creating opportunity for all to educate themselves and provide value to society. Is it not safe to question even this kind of policy? Is it not our civic duty to question whether we have the right balance of priority? 

Regardless of your political affiliation, it's important to question whether we are doing the right thing for our society. You want my opinion? Well, let's just say I don't think there is enough evidence of success to support our current policies.

We're all in this together. Remember: E Pluribus Unum.