Perspective - To the Naked Eye

We all look to the sky. It's strangely comforting knowing that there's always something beyond the horizon we see every day. But have we really thought about how vast and expansive the Earth really is? Let's get some perspective on that.

The human eye can see on average 5km(3.1miles) away, due to the curvature of the earth. Now, this varies based on the topography of where you're standing. However, let's remember that the Earth is much, much larger than that.

In fact, the surface area of the Earth is about 510 million square kilometers. Ok ok, that's including the 70% of the earth that is covered by water. But still, the 30% we can stand on and view the sky from is 149km². In other words, we see less than 1% of the overall surface area of landmass on the planet when we look into the sky(0.02% of it roughly).

Next time you're asked if there's anywhere in the world you'd like to go, remember this: You could spend every waking moment of your entire life traveling and viewing the sky and you will STILL never see all of it. Kind of makes it hard to decide doesn't it? Or, it could make that destination that much more important. 

Because of all of the places you could go, you chose to go there. That's worth a lot more than we give it credit for.