The Science of Liberty: Regulation

Ok, I'm a Libertarian as most of you know. But there are some key concepts of Libertarianism that go hand in hand with scientific thinking. As a people we understand the benefit of working together. We wouldn't have the things we have now if we didn't.

Most of us who advocate for more government regulation have a fundamental mistrust in those around us. Those of us who advocate for less government regulation believe it's our responsibility to be wary of services we may not know.

The main issue with regulating food is it is creating a multi-billion dollar industry that is so convoluted in regulation that the U.S. food supply is flooded with products that have to be manipulated in so many different ways we may not necessarily know even what's in it!

Genetically Modified food has provided the world with a way to keep up with the growing demand. It has also caused a lot of concern due to poor business practices and uncertainties in it's science. But is regulation really what we need? Or do we need to seek to understand the problem as a whole.

When you regulate anything you are placing faith in an agency to protect you from what may be harmful. More often than not, you may not understand why a regulation is put in place but they wouldn't regulate it if it weren't harmful right?

I don't know about you, but I would rather learn about it, and make the decision for myself. Isn't that what having a scientific mind is all about?