In the corner of my eye a television broadcast is playing. I don't want it there, and I certainly don't agree with what they're saying. However, when you get to a point where Neural implants connect you with the rest of humanity at all times, it's impossible to get away from politics.

Some political pundit is talking about the necessity of purging the outlying colonies. What a bunch of crap. Every single one of those was part of their Gaiaforming project, and since every colony eventually seceded from the Society they lost all the land.

I don't think there's any way to make the forceful takeover of land you gave up to people already look good. But somehow, people are buying it. Justiciars aren't short of recruits, and those who don't get in as a Justiciar end up in the Army anyways. 

'The army is a great and noble way to serve your people!' they say. What a bunch of crap. All the army does is strong arm people into joining the society. They do things less lethally now, the use of Dragonfly Drones and Swarmers has gone down drastically. At least that's what they say.

Thankfully for us, the Ley-Network cannot be regulated. At least, I know this. Many would believe it can be, since they don't know the right channels to go through. All of this information on the real workings of the Society, and what the government is doing is readily available to anyone who seeks it out. 

It's just too bad most would rather be fed the information than seek it for themselves. What a bunch of crap.

"Justiciar Douglas Kindall, do you have a defense for the charges against you?"

Defense? Do I have to defend myself for doing the right thing?

"No, sir. The only defense I have is knowing that the corruption I exposed will be taken down within a matter of hours of my sentencing." 

Shock, surprise, awe! Not even this judge has any idea what is going on.

"Shall I add terroristic threats to your charges then?"

Not surprising.

"You can if you wish. It won't make a difference."

More pundits, talking about their reaction to what I've said. 'He's a disgrace to humanity!' Right. What a bunch of crap.

"Sir Douglas Kindall, despite your many years of servitude and hardships for the society, I have no choice but to sentence you to execution for your leaking of secret Society Government information, as well as terroristic threats against the Society's Government."

Not surprising. You know, as much as it may pain me to say this, I'm kind of glad the Wights have come along. I get the feeling they're not bad, but simply don't like the direction we are headed. I have to say I agree with them.

"Have you anything to say for yourself before the public?"


"E Pluribus Unum."