Guns and You!

Guns are a huge part of our culture, even for Gun Control advocates. Weapons are in nearly every single piece of entertainment on television. Hell, we have a sport of Men beating the living crap out of each other. That doesn't even require a weapon.

Violence is in our nature as human beings. It's not something we can really escape. But what we can do is educate ourselves on the ways to defend ourselves from that violence. Guns are not an easy subject to cover because of their efficiency at harming a human(that's how they were engineered). But we still have to remember, they're just guns.

They are a tool. They cannot do anything by themselves. What we need is not more control on guns, we need more education on weapons and violence as a whole. But the majority of society is so afraid to talk about it, it's such a depressing issue! Well, of course. No one likes to talk about death. But it is a talk we still need to have nonetheless.

I hope that this does not spark any ill will, since I know it is such a hot button issue. However, I do wish to open people's minds and really start a debate that is not emotionally attached to some tragedy or other. I think the bigger tragedy is that we're so afraid to talk about it and FIX the real problem.