Forming A System: Questions

"I mean, how is it that I'm the only one who bothers to take the time to understand this shit?" Biting her nails was never something Rey liked. She couldn't help it. It was a tick, something she always had done when she needed to fiddle. "What are they gonna do when I die? A hundred and fifty years is about the limit of my cognitive function, even if my body goes to shit. So what then?"

Rey leaned on the terminal, using her own personal augmented reality interface to do her work. Yuri was working on the wiring underneath the grating she stood on. "Я не знаю. Rey, why are you always asking questions you can't answer?" Yuri was a quiet one. Doesn't like asking questions much. Just does what is asked of him.

"How do you learn things if you don't ask questions? Haven't you ever been curious Yuri?" Tapping on the pad in front of her kept her mind sharp, even if she was still biting her nail. "Нет." That was an obvious lie. He's a mechanical engineer for pete's sake, of course he's been curious. Something caught her eye on the data in front of her. Readings were normal, but a message popped up on her screen.

"Hey." Looking down at Yuri made her feel the usual vertigo. Seeing the drop below her was never easy. That's the whole reason she developed the AR system, so she could look away from the stupidly placed terminals pointing right at the abyss. "Yes, Rey?" He sighed and placed the wire strippers on his leg, looking up at Rey.

"Do you get... Strange messages? Ley-Packets that only appear on your AR?" A reading showed up for him, showing his current work load and progress on the current task. He was way ahead of schedule, as usual. Even still, Yuri liked to get his work done as soon as possible. "Нет." Going back to his work. Doesn't even think it's a strange question.

"What do you think that could mean? I can't open them. Do you think it could be a quantum encryption?" Yuri threw his tools into his tool box, and hit a button on the platform he was sitting on. The usual beeping of his Harrier Platform filled her ears, and reminded her of the usual retreat Yuri made when confronted with her endless questions.

"Aww Yuri come on! YURI!" He floated two floors down and began working again. Her AR realigned his current task. Zero percent progress, one percent, two percent. "Damn he's good."