Blurring the Lines - Dystopia

Science Fiction has always been about extremes. Extreme technologies, extreme force, and extreme society. Many science fiction stories display a government out of control, casting an iron grip on their people and only allowing them rights that the government deems necessary. Others tell a tale about discord and anarchy, a society of people who fend for themselves and nothing more.

This all is accompanied by vastly more powerful technology that allows these characters and situations to develop with strange results. However, we are now starting to see the truth behind a world of technology. And it's not as clear of a picture how society will deal with it in the coming future.

Many of us have heard about the NSA surveillance scandal that Edward Snowden has brought to light. If you had asked anyone even ten years ago if they thought the government could intercept and store all of the e-mails, phone calls, texts, and internet conversations you've ever made, people would call you a loony. 

This is, unfortunately, a reality we now live with knowing. The secretive nature of this program shows that the world we live in is much darker than we would like to think. While these programs were designed to intercept potentially harmful communications, and the intentions behind them may have been good, we cannot ignore the sheer power that lies behind such a system.

Well then, what about anarchy? Would Anarchy really be that much better for us? The answer is not a simple yes or no. What we deal with is a difference in world view. Many people are ok with the idea of a government in control of it's people. Many people would rather see themselves in control of their own lives, living and understanding the choices they make.

Anarchy is an entity that actually is a constant throughout our lives. It's not as simple as being forced or not being forced. You ALWAYS have a decision, even if the consequences of that decision may be highly unfavorable. Even still, every action is a choice. This is what makes the idea of a Dystopia very hard to pin point.

Are we headed for dystopia in the United States? Well, that depends on who you ask. Personally, I think we are a philosophical dystopia. However, we cannot deny the fact that we still have it much better than many around the world. All in all, we cannot be sure.