Seeking the Truth

Truth - That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality

We all seek truth. Be it through religion, science, or philosophy. As humans we do not enjoy being lied to, being deceived. Yet despite the fact that Truth is so clearly defined, can we say that truth as we see it is truly a solid entity?

Is the Truth in fact, fact? Is fact truly a true concept? Ok, these questions are a bit silly. When thinking about the truth and what it means for us as a whole, the simplest answer is always the best one. Truth is what we make it. We can spend our entire lives seeking truth, and never really knowing whether it's true or not. It's all about whether we accept it to be so.

The beautiful thing about scientific thinking, is we can replicate results and give consistent data for what really is true. Does that mean science is the only right way? Well, I can't honestly answer that. It feels right. It feels like it's true. But then again, many people of religion believe that religion feels right and true.

So as truth seekers, what exactly are we seeking? Surprisingly, the answer is simple and beautiful. We are seeking what we wish to believe to be true. As for me, I choose to believe that science is the answer to our questions. That it will consistently provide for us advancement and prosperity for our species. Is that true? Well, we'll find out won't we?