Money for Nothing


I don't think anything we as an american people DON'T know has been stated here. We know our politicans do more for the people who pay them, than they do for us. The system itself is broken.

So here's where it becomes tricky. EVEN if we break this system, what kind of system do we put in it's place? Can we have any guarantee that the system we create to replace this one will be any better? Who's to say that the new system won't be just as corruptable?

Power, on any level, corrupts. It will always be used for selfish gain and malevolent intent. We are at a turning point in the history of our species to define how we move forward with governing ourselves and others. The ideas we put into play now will affect us for centuries to come.

I'm not saying that things will ever be perfect. But perhaps we should really take a step back and rethink on how we see society. All we can say now, is that something isn't working. Let's fix it, and fix it for good this time.