Corporate Mindset is Stifling Innovation

A lot of us work for some kind of corporation or another. Most of us learn very quickly that the company doesn't particularly care about our opinions for bettering the business. Few of us have the courage to enact innovation in the work place anyway. Only a handful actually receive any kind of reward for doing so.

The problem we are running into now is that companies hire people specifically to innovate and change the image of the company or product. It is not up to the every day employee to decide or even chime in on the future of the company. 

For Example: I work at a Coffee Shop Chain that really does not provide any incentive to create new drinks and play around with recipes. Except for the happiness of the customer. I've created multiple types of drinks that my customers have enjoyed, and yet there is no guarantee that if I suggested these recipes to the company that anything would come of it.

This isn't the first time this has happened at any of my jobs. Most of us know work now in places that have us feeling like a drone. We do nothing but what we're told, and that's how they want it. And yet of all of the millions of people living and working like this, a business fails to recognize the resource at their fingertips.

If an incentive is presented to better the company or product, you have hundreds to thousands of people who know and understand the product well enough to improve it. This corporate mindset is what is creating a stale air of innovation within the companies we all deal with every day. While it may not appear to be creating a bad environment, think of how much better it could be if we all had a reason to innovate at our workplace.