Vsauce delivers again with an amazing video. I highly urge everyone to take a look at this! Boredom has always been something I've avoided. I know there is always something to do. However, I didn't realize that it may, in fact, be healthy to allow myself to get bored from time to time.

This video also details why I don't particularly like stimuli such as drugs or alcohol. I've always said I don't like to alter my thought processes. perhaps it's because instead of the happy sensation most people(apparently) tend to feel, this is not the same as how my brain processes that feeling.

The most important idea we can take from this is that sometimes boredom allows us to remove ourselves from the usual distractions and assess what's really important. Taking a look at our lives and really seeing it for what it is.

I never thought I'd say this but; I guess it's good to be bored from time to time.