A Species in Infancy


The human race has been around for quite some time now. Within the last few hundred years we have made great strides in the way of technology and sciences. So where are we now? Despite our longevity, can we truly say that we are matured as a species?

I would say there is still a long way to go. The unfortunate part about this prediction is there is no way to tell how true it is, until we develop more. I may never live to see whether the human species has fully developed or not.

While this kind of thought process is a matter of opinion, let me lay down some guidelines we should follow in order to ascertain whether or not we have matured fully. I believe that the human species will have matured fully when we embrace the idea that it is easier and more beneficial to make allies, than enemies.

When we treat our fellow humans with respect, regardless of whether we agree with their life choices or not. We will be fully matured when accept unanimously that we are a product of the universe, created so that the universe might observe itself. As such, we should strive to explore the universe(and possibly multi-verse) for the sake of ourselves AND the universe. To learn as much as we possibly can about our existence so that we might take better care of it and appreciate it.

When we have placed a greater importance on exploration, scientific experimentation, and understanding the universe than we do on our politics, religion, or every day drama we will be a mature species.  It is through knowledge that we will know peace. And I truly believe that we can continue to learn all the way up to the final death throes of the last black hole remaining in the empty void that is our universe. Should we make it that long.

Every day we learn things that blow us way. Things we never thought possible. Things that reinforce the idea that truth is always stranger than fiction. So perhaps someday soon we can put aside our petty fighting and begin to seek new answers. To create an environment where we can all live and learn the ways of the universe together. It will be much easier, and much more enjoyable if we all work together.

E Pluribus Unum.