Forming a System - Rey's Problem

"I hate my job..." I've always hated it. Even if I am the smartest and most talented quantum mechanic on all the stations, I hate it. "Why do things always pile up like this?!"

"Probably because you let them..." That's Yuri. He's an older guy, probably his mid forties. Russian descent, so not much to look at, but he's taller than me. I could never figure out if his short hair was actually brown, of if it was just always caked with grease. He wore jump suits a lot, as mechanics are wont to do.

I guess I'm not that much shorter than him... I'm not much of a looker, but I do catch guys staring at my boobs. I still don't get it... They're not THAT big. Maybe it's my hair that turns them off. The tom boy look never did sit well with most guys. That and most guys prefer blond over black hair. Or maybe it's because not one of them can carry on an intelligent conversation. Well, it's probably for the best... Too much work to do anyway.

"You know, no one asked you." Looking down at him something caught my eye on the readings panel of my AR interface. Another message. Poking the message marker on the AR screen in front of me pulled up an encrypted, and unlabeled message. Not the first one like that.. Actually, I've been getting an ass ton of them. All of these damn messages are getting frustrating. I've never liked being teased. "You asked..." Yuri clanked his tools against the grating of his Harrier Platform. Pretty cool little machine actually. It allowed him to move throughout the Ley-Crystal room with ease.

I never liked working in the Ley-Crystal room... Except that's where my "office" is. The "office" was pretty much the grating around the massive encasing of the Ley-Crystal. That's why I created the augmented reality interface to do my calculations. It was a little bit slow, but it included a quantum encryption for every transmission. Still better than using the terminals set to look right at the crystal, and also right towards the massive abyss.

All around me is steel, aside from the dim red glow of the Ley-Crystal. I keep telling them they need to install some florescent lighting but they're worried about the light waves interfering with the integrity of the Ley-Connections. Umm, Excuse me? Did YOU write and publish a peer reviewed and accepted thesis on Ley-Line integration theory? So how would YOU know more about connection integrity than me?

Oh, right... That's the kind of thinking that drives people away. I know I'm kind of a snob, but when you're this smart it's hard to take other people seriously. Even still... It gets kind of lonely with no one wanting to be your friend... At least I have Yuri.

"Yuri, how come you don't have a girlfriend?" Unfortunately his response was turning on the engine of his harrier platform. He was leaving. "Awww Come ON Yuri! I'm TRYING to get to know you!" The damn thing was faster than you'd think. Sometimes I forget he's just as much of an engineer as I am. Just in a different field. The platform was a small piece of excess grating that was heavily magnetized and placed on a Ley-grid throughout the room.

He had explained it to me but I've never been that big into electrical engineering. At least not entirely. I mean, I can engineer a Ley-Crystal to do whatever I want, but wires and electronics and such are a whole different story. Even still, Yuri managed to engage a strange magnetic connection through the Ley-Crystal. I was the one that programmed the grid throughout the chamber. If I really wanted to, I could pull up his controls and just...

Even though I have the menu up, something more interesting piqued my curiosity. It's that damn message. "How am I supposed to READ YOU!" Frustration and curiosity don't mix very well for me. Maybe it was an entanglement issue? It has been theorized for some time that black holes could potentially be a way into another universe. Even still, there is no way to tell if it is true or not...

"Irving! Why don't you ever answer your damn messages?!" I pulled a pen from my lab coat to chew on. These old cheap pens are awesome. It's a bad habit I know but, hey, I had to make SOME use of my three dimensional printer. Irving is sending me a video chat message. He's the head of the sector I work on. "What is it Rey? I have a lot of work to do." Russians never seem to have time for anything.

Irving was no different. Big guy, like Yuri, but chubbier. Although Yuri kept his hair, Irving went bald. It fit his abrasive personality a lot better anyway. "Did you see the inquiry I sent to the Line commission?" Irving sighed. A sigh? Is that all you have to say? Really? I'm gonna break this pen from biting down so hard. "Yes, Rey. We know about the messages. Why is it so hard for you to believe that it may have been an error in the system?"

Error in the system? This shit again? It's like they don't know ANYTHING about her job! "Why is it so hard for you to listen to the person you hired to deal with Ley-Engineering! Quantum Encryption means that no messages can be sent accidentally and certainly not from nothing!" I threw the pen at him, and then felt stupid because I realized that it was a video chat on my AR so the pen just clanked on the grating. An awkward silence followed. It was terrible.

Irving scowled, at ME. Not my fault you're stupid buddy. "Rey... We understand that we don't know much about your encryption system... But what we DO understand is that you receiving encrypted and uncrackable messages from nothing or no one is highly implausible. So what do you want us to think?" Irving looked to the side. He always did this when talking to me. It was like someone was always in there with him, and he constantly had to check on them.