Publicizing Failure


This TED talk is an oldie but a goodie. It displays some of the problems we face in how our society runs. Publishing papers on products, especially in the medical field, is how most people learn about product effectiveness.

Many ask me why I don't trust going to the doctor. I need to make it very clear that it's not that I don't trust Doctors, they work VERY hard to help people. What I don't trust is the information they are given.

Now, I'm not saying don't go and trust what your doctor is saying. What I'm saying is ask for information, ask them about what they are prescribing you and where you can find more information about it. Do your own research!

In any case, this is a good example of why research publications are just as interested in "interesting" studies, as opposed to the mundane. This can be very dangerous to ignore mundane studies. If most studies say that a product doesn't work, and aren't published, how do we have a reference?