The Big Bang a Big Bust?

According to a new paper posted on Arxiv, the Big Bang may not have been what we think it is. In fact, there may have been no Big Bang at all--our universe may have come from an entirely different source.

The Big Bang theory, in very brief form, suggests that the universe began as an extraordinarily, infinitely dense clump of matter that began cooling and expanding, like a balloon inflating. The cooling of the balloon allowed the formation of subatomic particles, and, in turn, stars and planets and lemurs.

Let this sink in for a moment. We are trying to come up with an idea that makes more sense than The Big Bang. That's right, everything you know is wrong. Black is white, up is down, and short is long.

Ok I wouldn't quite go that far. But you have to admit that the thought of us reworking the way we see the universe in such a massive scale is pretty intriguing. After all, if science teaches us one thing it's that we don't really know anything for certain.

So when thinking of a new way the Universe could have been formed, and in this case, what our Universe actually is, we should definitely take notice. I would also like to note that this theory would also fall in line with String Theory fairly well. If we are on the event horizon of a 4-D black hole, who's to say there aren't other 4-D black holes out there?