Politically Underhanded


Ben Swann had the distinct privilege of speaking before a group of liberty activists in Minnesota a little over a week ago. Liberty Minnesota graciously extended the opportunity for him to bring the “Liberty is Rising, Truth in Media” tour to the campus of the University of Minnesota on Friday, September 13.  Liberty Minnesota billed the event as:

“A kick-off of Liberty Minnesota’s Free Communities Project and featured local mayors, city council members, movie directors, and award winning journalist Ben Swann who talked about his new Truth in Media project.”

Within days after the event, a reporter for the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article that was a thinly veiled attempt to smear Republican candidates who were in attendance. The reporter Rachel E. Stassen-Berger begins the article by insinuating that Swann is a conspiracy theorist and “9/11 truther” and then goes on to criticize Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson as well as Republican candidates, Phil Krinkie, and David Gerson for having a presence at the event to engage potential voters.


Here's a little bit of interesting Politics for you. I actually attended the Liberty Event in Minneapolis on Friday Sept 13th. The people there were all outstanding people to talk to! Very kind and level-headed, thought clearly about the issues we face.

During that event a couple local Mayors spoke about their Liberty based mindsets and how they have effected their policy decisions. They even spoke of their colleagues being frustrated with them over not funding pork projects like a "Cat Extermination/Relocation service". 

At the end of the day, these are all people who care about what happens in government and think clearly about where that money to fund government comes from. Not to mention, the article "smearing" them isn't really all that substantial. (http://www.startribune.com/politics/blogs/224120931.html)

It contains a few key "hot button" words to inspire emotions in the reader. The unfortunate part is it inspires anger, hatred, and distrust. I can guarantee you there was no "conspiratorial" talk. Only questioning what we are being told. As we should be.

With people like the author of this Star Tribune article giving us information, I feel like questioning what we're told is that much more important. Saddest part is, she's not the only one dishing out information this way. Fortunately for us all, people like me aren't about smearing back.

We're about fact-checking, discrediting, and removing their information from the argument altogether. Ben Swann does a fantastic job of doing just that.