Forming a System - A Beginning?

"Rey! We have work!" Yuri always shouted at me when he thought I wasn't doing something. Tall Russian dude, bald, oblong head. He's a really smart guy, but not one for words. Just work. Nothing but work. All the damn time.

Poor bastard doesn't understand that I work with a neural interface, I don't have to move a muscle if I don't want to. I had my back turned to the crystal chamber, leaning on the steel railing post protecting me from the massive drop. How far was it again? Twenty-Four kilometer drop if I remember correctly.

Anyways, I had my neural augmented reality system in perfect form, all of my work windows were displayed perfectly across my field of vision. One window open to my upper right for diagnostic changes in the Ley-Crystal system, one window right below it for messages, and a big window on the left browsing my favorite ley-net website that liked to post silly cat pictures.

My job as a Ley-Crystal engineer was to ensure that the integrity of the Ley-Crystal's connection with the Ley-Line was at peak performance at all times. Oh,  I forgot to introduce myself. Sorry, I have a tendency to ramble a lot. I'm Rey Lionhart, and I'm the single most important asset in the Pangean Gaiaforming initiative.

I like to keep cheap 3D-printed pens in my lab coat for chewing on. It's a bad habit, I know, but when you're standing on double mesh steel grating and that's the only thing separating you from a twnety four kilometer fall, it tends to get nerve racking. Don't judge me. 

"Yeah I'm working on it as we speak Yuri. Calm your ass down." I don't even know if he heard me, I shouted so half-assed and I'm not sure where he is anyway. He traveled around on this little harrier platform that worked based on the magnetic fields in the crystal chamber. He wouldn't even have it if I hadn't programmed the grid around the room for him to move along.

A message popped up on my screen. But it's blank. What the crap, I don't get blank messages. There's literally nothing in it, no sender, no subject... Not even a single line of code to it. Now that's strange. Some kind of glitch, I'll have to run a diagnostic of the message system later. For now, crystal diagnostics do need to get done. Sorry, but I do still have work to do. Come back later and I'll tell you more about the Gaiaforming initiative. It's pretty damn cool!