Perspective - The Morality Fallacy

Morality is not an easily definable entity. We all perceive it differently, and unfortunately this can cause many problems for us as humans. And yet, is morality in itself the issue? Can we have a peaceful society without the idea of a moral compass?

Can we be do good, or even define good and bad without the idea of morality? Well, no. We can't. Perhaps the real question is can our species move forward and prosper without the concept of morality? That one is a bit tougher. Morality is a very tricky subject, considering how broad of a range it can cover.

Lately some experiences in my own life have caused me to question the idea of a moral imperative, and the idea of benefiting from removing the concept of morality from an argument. This treads a very fine line, considering the consequences in certain circumstances. However, in applying this concept I have learned a lot about morality and the idea of life itself.

We are always quick to judge life at a glance. And yet, when we really dig deep to understand it, we find ourselves suspending judgement due to finding we don't understand it as well as we had previously thought. So when an event happens in your life that seems inherently immoral, take a step back. Look at it from the other's viewpoint, and then from an objective viewpoint.

Seek to gain knowledge from that act, and how you can benefit from it. Perhaps it is a more valuable experience than you had previously thought.