The Infinite Machine - Simulated Universe

Recently it has been theorized that the universe is actually a computer simulation. While the specifics are still uncertain there has been a lot of number crunching and observations made that support this theory. I unfortunately am not qualified to speculate exactly on what is going on, but I can use my passion for Science Fiction and imagination to come up with some interesting concepts tied to this idea.

While it's not easy to think that the lives we live are closer to the Matrix than we thought, it is fascinating to think of how we could bend the universe around us if we could manipulate that code. What if humans had the capability to find that code, and manipulate it to their will? To what extent could we manipulate the universe?

Would we stop there? If it really is a computer simulation, what kind of computer are we housed in? Is there something beyond the simulation that we should seek? Could we go full blown Truman Show and open that door to the world outside that we never knew existed? If we did, what could we find?

Not to mention, how would this change our concept of the Infinite Machine? String theory says that each black hole could potentially lead to another Universe, that could lead to infinite possibilities of universes we could explore. If that were the case, are those universes a computer simulation as well? If we opened the door past the simulation to find another existence or reality, would it hold the same properties as the one we live in now?

Could we go through a black hole, only to find that the universe on the other side does not mimic a computer simulation like ours does? If it doesn't, what would that mean for us? How would that change how we see our universe? Would we find ourselves seeking to open the door to escape the matrix? What would we find on the other side?

There is a mountain of questions to be answered by this one concept, and it can play into some excellent Sci-Fi ideas! Hopefully this gives you all a better idea of what I like to write about, since concepts like these drive me to write more stories!