Forming a System - Precursor

Yesterday I finished the rough draft of Forming a System, a Sci-Fi mind bender following the Quantum Ley-Engineer Rey Lionhart. For a little bit of background for my followers, here's a quick explanation of the Pangean Gaiaforming Initiative she works for.

It had long been attempted to create entire planets to inhabit and cultivate, with little luck. Don't misunderstand, the creation of planets under the right conditions weren't that difficult once the means were created. However, to keep those planets habitable was a whole different story.

After many attempts and failures, it was quickly realized that to create a single planet would not solve the whole problem. In order to create a long lasting habitable planet, you must position it within a full solar system. With this in mind, entire systems were planned and created to attempt building an entire solar system around the single habitable planet.

This took much more effort, and resources, but in the end it was theorized to provide much more fruitful planets for creating colonies. Rey Lionhart is assigned to Station 3 of 7 within the Doranian Nebula, tasked with keeping the Ley-Crystals in balance while teams work to amass enough energy and mass to create the system.

Everything was going smoothly, until she started receiving encrypted messages. Messages that she should be able to read, considering she had created the programming used to send and receive quantum encrypted messages. Our story starts when things turn from strange, unreadable messages, to subtle yet inexplicable happenings begin to drag Rey into something much bigger than the Gaiaforming Initiative.