Forming a System - The Commerce Park

"Hey Rey." Jerry, the village idiot. He worked in IT.

"Hey Jerry." That's all the more interaction we had. I'd tell you what he looked like, but it's not worth the time. The hallways were clear other than Jerry, thank god because I didn't want to deal with that. It wasn't long before I reached the door to the Commerce Park, which was bustling as usual. Although to be fair, they did make the commerce park pretty beautiful. It was probably the only part of the station that had windows out into the nebula.

It was basically a five square kilometer area that had foliage planted for aesthetics, park benches and tables for eating or talking. Each table had a COM station at it where you could order anything you wanted, and have it materialized in front of you. Some people preferred the more personal touch of a chef, so there were a couple of specialized restaurants around the outer end of the park near the space window.

The whole area was loosely lit by small white ley-crystals, but most were rather unnecessary due to the light emanating from the space dust of the nebula. A brilliant purple-blueish light kept the whole park illuminated at night, making for a rather brilliant sight. During the daytime however, it's a rather bright place. Since we're the third sphere in the installation, we're at the perfect distance from the sun where it's not overpowering, but it provides more than enough light.

I wonder if I have time to stop for a latte? My AR interface tells me I've got another twenty minutes left before I need to meet up with Li and Douglas. That's enough time to stop for a latte. The COM was a beautiful thing, until you got used to it. Kind of like a theme park that's amazing as a kid, then you work there one summer during high school thinking it would be awesome. After that summer, you never see that theme park the same way again.

It's not longer a magical place of fun and joy, it turns into a bothersome place you just have to deal with to make a pay check. Do you ever go back there after you work there for fun? Hell no you don't. But theme parks don't have pumpkin lattes. So I found my way to a satellite kiosk that were stationed all around the outskirts of the park. They were there for people like me who either didn't want to, or didn't have the time to enjoy the COM park the way most people do.

We really would only need one big central area to manifest our goods. I mean, it's not like the kiosks are designed specifically for those things. Weirder still is how hard goods like furniture, jewelry, and clothing are all made by hand with manifested materials. All of the material goods that aren't consumables have their own district near the civilian housing.

It's like people's hobbies became their jobs. What kind of crap is that? I finally reached the unofficial coffee kiosk, and strangely there was no one else getting coffee. I call it unofficial because the kiosk can manifest anything, but there are tables set up around it like a coffee shop for people to sit at. This actually came to be because of the citizenry wanting a coffee break area, and this kiosk just stuck as the place to get coffee.