Sci-Fi Tech: Geckskin

While the concept is simple, the applications are universal. The ability to adhere to almost any surface, while carrying heavy loads, with the ability to remove and re-adhere multiple times. This is the concept behind Geckskin. It was inspired by the Gecko's amazing ability to stick to and move around just about any surface in the wild.

Climbing trees isn't exactly what we're going for here, but there are numerous applications in the every-day commercial world. Being able to adhere a painting to a wall without needing to drill into the wall for a mounting screw would save a lot of hassle and potential repairs later. This concept can be applied to multiple hanging amenities that we enjoy in our homes.

It could also be used industrially, allowing the adhering of tools to any surface near where you are like it was magnetic. Need a wrench near you at all times while working on a car? What if you could just stick it to the side of the car, without worrying about harming the paint? These are just a couple of the countless uses for a product like this!

Let's not forget the fantastic sci-fi military uses for a product like this. Need to set up a flashbang trap easily and with fewer materials? Slap some geckskin on the back of your flashbang, stick it to the wall and set the pin to the string. Want to make sure your tracking bug gets on the intended vehicle? Slap some Geckskin on the back of that bug and it will stick anywhere to the vehicle you want.

I'm only one man, so my ability to see all of the applications is limited. But if there's one thing I do know, it's that this technology will change the way we live in a lot of ways. Now, the only thing to do is wait and see exactly how!