Soapbox: A Collapse in Judgement

Recently I have been hearing stories about the "Collapse of the U.S. Dollar". While there is certainly evidence to support this theory, what is disturbing me more is how people are preparing for the consequences. The U.S. Government has been beefing up the Department of Homeland Security for a few years now, according to some to prepare for the collapse of the dollar.

Along with local law enforcement requesting increased crowd control ability in certain places, this theory definitely seems rather scary. In turn, many believe they must beef up in response to this potential threat to their liberty. However, most of us would plan for the collapse in the dollar in a much more productive(and much less scary) way.

Instead of stockpiling ammunition and beefing up our defenses, we should seek to build relationships with others and strengthen our ability to act independently as a community. Is it really all that beneficial to us as a society to pretend like everyone around us is going to pillage and steal the things around us once the shit hits the fan? If we allow ourselves to buy into that mentality, then it is far likelier to become the reality.

We should instead choose to understand the connections we have, and the community around us in order to strengthen our ability to continually lead comfortable(and productive) lives. America has moved far past the stage of societal development where we worry much about survival. I say we take advantage of that and seek to keep that going, instead of fear-mongering this idea that everyone around us is trying to tear that down.

I'll admit this post is rather preachy, but I'm an Anarchist at heart. And the people I most identify with(Libertarians) are just as prone to fear-mongering problems as the rest of the world is, I start to take issue with and question that philosophy. It does no one any good to perpetuate a standard of mistrust in all around us, even if there is reason to mistrust the few whom hold the power.

If the government is really seeking to prepare for rioting in the streets, and abundant chaos, then we should give them reason to look like fools and take care of ourselves. In fact, we should be doing that anyway. The point is, I'm not a very trusting person. Despite that fact, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt in that they don't seek to destroy relationships. They seek to build them. Although I take steps to protect myself from someone trying to do me harm, I don't immediately assume that they are trying to.

Much as it is with science, I need evidence before I can believe something. If I have no evidence to believe that someone has malicious intent, I have no reason to believe they have malicious intent. Just remember these wise words:

E Pluribus Unum