Sci-Fi Concepts - Dark Matter

A "web" of dark matter. 

Dark Matter certainly is an interesting problem. It is an entity that still gives scientists a lot of issues. For all intents and purposes, Dark Matter is currently hypothetical. But it has real observable effects on the universe, without being able to be observed through any kind of light emission.

While we cannot see or measure dark matter in terms of light, it still potentially has mass. But how can we be sure there is mass there when we can't see it? Well, it is easy to understand that things are still at play even if we can't observe them. But what if there is more to dark matter? What if this were an entity we could manipulate?

Would there be any practical application for this matter if we could harvest it? Speaking in terms of sci-fi stories, anti-matter has been used as an energy source. Dark matter however, isn't mentioned too much. What if this latent matter could be converted into an energy we can manipulate? What if this matter was a blank slate, and could be converted into any kind of matter if used correctly? It would still fall within the rules of conservation, just translated into a different kind of matter or energy.

At this point, how do we know whether Dark Matter could even be harvested? Is there any way to know whether it would even be something other than a strange gravitational referee? I guess we won't know until we get to space to find out for ourselves! In the mean time, let's keep in mind the possibilities of what this matter could be to us beyond just a spooky way for our universe to function!