Are we too connected?

A beautiful part of the world we now live in is we're always connected to those we love. We're always capable of finding information, seeking answers, and even seeking help when we need it. However, is it possible that we weren't meant to ALWAYS be connected to this network? Are there greater effects on our psychology than we know? 

Social Media plays a rather large role in how we connect with others nowadays. In fact, there are many who feel more comfortable communicating and interacting via social media rather than out in the real world with others. Is this due to the increasing importance placed on social media? Or is it a problem innately with how our culture has grown and changed? 

For a lot of us who have grown up with this social media plays a much bigger role in our lives in communicating with others than sometimes even directly through our phones. Social Media is designed to give us a glimpse into a person's life when we're not there. So it's no wonder people are hooked on it. Who wouldn't like to know what their good friends are up to when you're not there?

Well perhaps we aren't meant to know what goes on in a person's life at every waking moment. In fact, I would argue one of the reasons we find others so interesting is because of the things we don't know about them. With social media shedding light on every detail, is there really any purpose to meeting in person?

This is a rather negative view of Social Media, I know. However it's something I have personally been trying to break free from. It causes me to overlook other details in my life, especially with those who do not use it nearly as frequently. Perhaps I'm cynical due to other problems I have had to face due to lack of real social interaction, but it seems to me like Social Media can very easily consume a person's life and cause them to lose sight of what's important.

I know it's done that to me.