The Nature of Understanding

Understanding, isn't something that is truly easy to understand. While you may know what understanding means by definition, actually putting the idea into practice is a different problem altogether.

"I know" is a highly common response to suggestions and rebuttals in certain situations. Although I always question the truth to that person's claim. I'm sure many of us do. But I also question whether or not I truly do grasp the entirety of the subject when I say it myself. So where does the nature of understanding come from?

Does it come from our ability to not only simulate certain situations, but also our ability to emulate certain situations in our own minds with a certain level of accuracy? Or does it come from our ability to process others' experiences as closely to our own as possible? Does it come from a whole separate psychological capacity?

The nature of understanding may indeed even come from a basic human need to fit in with those around us. Is it possible that we can truly understand things better if it is explained within a situation that our lives have seen? I'd say we have sufficient evidence within our own personal lives to say so.  Perhaps understanding is an innate trait in itself. It would certainly fit the Occam's Razor dynamic.

Do we understand the implications of understanding? Am I over-complicating it? Probably. However, I tend to value understanding things on as many angles as possible. Even if some of them don't make sense. Even if there's really only one option to go with in order to understand. Sometimes, that full understanding is what helps you create a deeper knowledge and appreciation.

Or I'm just over-complicating things.