Perspective - Appreciating Life

We live in a cosmos of near Infinite Probability. Think about the absolutely massive scale we are dealing with. Recently it has been theorized that Black Holes open up to different universes, with a White Hole on the other side. The manner in which White Holes would behave, is much like the manner the Big Bang occurred.

If this is true, then there may be a near infinite amount of universes in existence. Every book, every movie, every video game, every TV show, every story ever told by mankind may exist within it's own universe somewhere within the cosmos.

When confronted with the massive scale and depth to the existence in which we live, how can we call our lives anything significant? Well, Carl Sagan said it best: "We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself." It has taken me a lot of pain and understanding to get the point where I can appreciate every little thing that happens in life.

Admittedly, when I first came upon this idealism it was rather depressing and daunting. To think that our lives will never amount to anything that will change the flow of the universe feels incredibly futile at first. But when you truly start to understand what that means for you... That's when life becomes infinitely beautiful. Life is what we make it. We've all heard this before.

But until you can appreciate and understand exactly WHY that is true, it does not hold much weight. For example: I could be the most beloved man on earth, every human being knows my name and understands what I have done for humanity as a whole, and it still will not make an ounce of difference to the cosmos.

Humans as a race could go extinct, wiped entirely from the annals of existence along with all of our culture, knowledge, and history. The cosmos will not suffer because of this loss. It truly seems like a futile way to look at life doesn't it? Not once you start to understand that your life is entirely in your control. If you CHOOSE to curl up and die, then that is your choice.

I for one, choose to live to my fullest potential. I refuse complacency and seek to better myself in everything I do until the day I die. Why? Because I can.