Mythbusters - The Science of Experimentation

Image Courtesy of Savage's Blog Page)

I had the pleasure of attending the Mythbusters Behind the Myths tour last night in Minneapolis, and it reaffirmed a lot of my ideas of how awesome science can be. Adam and Jamie put on a fantastic show, letting audience members become a part of the experimentation.

The show emphasized the wonderful nature of science, and how sometimes experimentation is nothing but having a little fun. In the case of Mythbusters, the myths are merely a vessel to understanding physics and world around us. The myths they investigate lead them to ask other questions about how things work, how they can build(and explode) things in a different way.

Applying this mindset to every day life is a beautiful thing that we should all strive for. Personally, things are always a lot more fun when you can poke and prod, manipulate and change. If there is one thing I took from the show, it was to not be afraid to experiment, and have fun with my life.

No matter how others may perceive this experimentation, or whether they understand it or not, it is important to always stay true to that dynamic. So with this, I move towards the future without fear of failure, or judgement. Let's see what the world has to offer!