Defining Our Lives

There comes a point in everyone's life where we really learn who we are. When we truly understand how our experiences and choices have created the only thing we'll ever know for sure: Ourselves. Each of these experiences is different, each one with different causes and effects. Some people change in a profound manner, and some change very little. Even though this entity cannot be described in any concrete way, it's a stage in human life that we all have or will come to know.

It's an interesting phenomenon, when you consider the consequences of consciousness. Many don't even give it a second thought, and accept it as just another change in their lives. But to me, this change is profound, and even though I am still the same person at my core, a lot of my views and ideas have changed greatly. Things I used to find unacceptable, are more than acceptable now.

Ideas that seemed to hold little weight in the world are actually much more influential than previously thought. My friends haven't changed much, and neither has my relationships with them. I have gained many new friends whom I value just as greatly as my friends prior to this tipping point. These are only the ideological and philosophical changes. Some of my senses have changed as well and become sharper.

A sense I had not had before, as strange as this is, has manifested in a big way. Feeling movement through the universe and across the surface of the Earth(e.g. when driving, a distinct feeling of traveling through space) is not something I had a very good sense of before. Perhaps that is a common feeling that I had been lacking for whatever reason, but to me it's very new and very profound! I feel as though I am more greatly attuned to the life I live.

While I cannot say if others experience this kind of phenomenon in such a profound way, I do believe there is a point in everyone's life where things just start making sense. That time for me is now, which at 26 makes me wonder if my experiences in life had been different, would I have experienced this sooner or later? Will this change make my life definitively better? Well, that's the tricky part. I can't say for sure. I can certainly say that I will feel like I enjoy life more.

But will it allow me greater opportunity to seek what I want from life? Or will it simply allow for an acceptance for what I have? If I know me, the latter will not hold much weight. I still seek to be a writer on many levels, and even though it seems like not much has been happening lately, there is a lot of leg work being done for the next story. Here's a hint: An Observe Re-Write(yet again, I know, this would be rendition #6).

However, because of how things have changed in my life, I believe the changes I wish to make will ultimately make for a better story. Which is interesting to me on the level of how life experiences can change a person's writing. I could go on and on about how this feeling and these changes effect life, but I'm not here to write another novel.

I guess despite my rambling what you can take from all of this is that even though there has been a slight lack of content within the last month, there is much more to come. One of the things I have learned is not to fear the passion that drives you. Why I had feared it in the first place, even I don't know. But this change means I am much more inclined to sit and write, than I am to sit and game. This means much more real original content coming!

As always folks, thank you for your support. I appreciate all of you who take the time to read through any of my posts! My hope is that you took away something from them, and that they provide you with some insight into your own lives. Stay Tuned for more!

E Pluribus Unum!

Mythbusters - The Science of Experimentation

Image Courtesy of Savage's Blog Page)

I had the pleasure of attending the Mythbusters Behind the Myths tour last night in Minneapolis, and it reaffirmed a lot of my ideas of how awesome science can be. Adam and Jamie put on a fantastic show, letting audience members become a part of the experimentation.

The show emphasized the wonderful nature of science, and how sometimes experimentation is nothing but having a little fun. In the case of Mythbusters, the myths are merely a vessel to understanding physics and world around us. The myths they investigate lead them to ask other questions about how things work, how they can build(and explode) things in a different way.

Applying this mindset to every day life is a beautiful thing that we should all strive for. Personally, things are always a lot more fun when you can poke and prod, manipulate and change. If there is one thing I took from the show, it was to not be afraid to experiment, and have fun with my life.

No matter how others may perceive this experimentation, or whether they understand it or not, it is important to always stay true to that dynamic. So with this, I move towards the future without fear of failure, or judgement. Let's see what the world has to offer!

Perspective - Appreciating Life

We live in a cosmos of near Infinite Probability. Think about the absolutely massive scale we are dealing with. Recently it has been theorized that Black Holes open up to different universes, with a White Hole on the other side. The manner in which White Holes would behave, is much like the manner the Big Bang occurred.

If this is true, then there may be a near infinite amount of universes in existence. Every book, every movie, every video game, every TV show, every story ever told by mankind may exist within it's own universe somewhere within the cosmos.

When confronted with the massive scale and depth to the existence in which we live, how can we call our lives anything significant? Well, Carl Sagan said it best: "We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself." It has taken me a lot of pain and understanding to get the point where I can appreciate every little thing that happens in life.

Admittedly, when I first came upon this idealism it was rather depressing and daunting. To think that our lives will never amount to anything that will change the flow of the universe feels incredibly futile at first. But when you truly start to understand what that means for you... That's when life becomes infinitely beautiful. Life is what we make it. We've all heard this before.

But until you can appreciate and understand exactly WHY that is true, it does not hold much weight. For example: I could be the most beloved man on earth, every human being knows my name and understands what I have done for humanity as a whole, and it still will not make an ounce of difference to the cosmos.

Humans as a race could go extinct, wiped entirely from the annals of existence along with all of our culture, knowledge, and history. The cosmos will not suffer because of this loss. It truly seems like a futile way to look at life doesn't it? Not once you start to understand that your life is entirely in your control. If you CHOOSE to curl up and die, then that is your choice.

I for one, choose to live to my fullest potential. I refuse complacency and seek to better myself in everything I do until the day I die. Why? Because I can. 

Perspective: Living in our Time

I think many of us have wondered what it would be like to live in another time. What was it like back when America was first free of the British? What was it like back in the times of the Mayans? What will it be like to live two hundred years from now, when technology has advanced beyond what we thought was possible?

Why stop at two hundred years? How about a thousand years from now? Millions? Will our race even still exist? We don't know honestly. But it's that not knowing that makes our lives worthwhile. A concept that has been hard to come to embrace is that despite everything we do on our little rock known as Earth, no matter how important we become to our friends, family, or society, it doesn't make a lick of difference to the rest of the universe.

You could single handedly be the most beloved person known to human kind, and it STILL will not mean a thing to the universe, living or dead. Sounds depressing right? At first, it kind of is. But when you truly grasp the nature of choice and knowing that you do things because it's important to YOU, that's when your life, and life in general, becomes amazing.

It's ok to wonder what it was like back when, or what it will be like in the future. But never forget that you are here now, and that's what truly matters. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is you. 

Oxygen On Mars

Mars had an oxygen-rich atmosphere more than a billion years before the Earth, say scientists. An examination of meteorites and rocks on the planet suggests that oxygen was affecting the Martian surface four billion years ago.

On Earth, oxygen did not build up to appreciable quantities in the atmosphere for at least another 1.5bn years.

The researchers compared Martian meteorites that have crashed onto the Earth with data from rocks examined by Nasa's Spirit Mars rover. Differences in their composition can best be explained by an abundance of oxygen early in Martian history.

We have known that Mars had flowing water at one point in it's history. Now we know that it also had an oxygen rich Atmosphere! This begs the question that many Sci-Fi stories have asked over the years: Was Mars habitable? If it WAS habitable, was there sentient life on the planet?

Given enough time, could signs of civilization be wiped out before we could ever get to it? 1.5 Billion years is a long time, and even most metals will decompose after enough time. So the real question is if this is the case, how would we even know if there was life on Mars?

So many factors make it impossible to tell, but perhaps there are others who are more educated in the decomposition of materials than I am. Even still, it's something to think about!