Motivating To Write

Lately motivation to write has been weird. I want to write, and have been doing a lot more than I normally have, but it still isn't quite enough it feels. Perhaps it's because I have life to live outside of it and am trying to get a lot of other things in order before I can actually get started on pushing for my writing career.

I want to move out of state next spring, which costs a good bit of money to do. I don't quite have the job at the moment to really get that going the way I'd like to, but I'm also working on that. I'm currently training for a serving job which will hopefully net me a bit more income than my current one so I can start really saving for this move. 

Even still, I try to make time to write. It's not difficult for me to sit down and write out a few hundred words in raw form to get the story really going. You can view them all in bite sized pieces in the Forming A System tab if you're interested in reading them! Just remember they're rough and unedited, but I think it's interesting to see how the writing process works. It's much easier for me to hammer out a full book by cutting it into bite sized pieces and filling in the gaps where there are any.

So at the very least I know I'm getting work done and once I feel like the story is ready to be edited and turned into a full fledged novel it will definitely be done as such! I'm going to try to also take time for my science and political posts to keep you interested in what's going on in the world. It's a big dynamic shift in life right now so trying to keep all of the balls balanced is kind of difficult at times.

Thanks for staying loyal folks! I'm on the job once again! Take care!