Uncharted Territory - Rigging The Ship

Cup of coffee in hand, I managed to tap out a few command lines while I took a sip. Over the last forty-eight hours I've slept maybe two. Dokk left me on this ship. Told me to get it running. We're both lucky I'm smart because this whole job has been a bitch. It took me long enough just to open up the commerce grid in the ship.


[Command Line=/subroutine.ai.rig.exe//]


It seems too simple. After all my hours of work, this was the magic line that made everything work. Apparently the ship's on board AI, Rig, had a base subroutine that could be manipulated to maintain the ship in cases of emergency. Why it wasn't already in play in the ship's command functions, I can't really say.

“Functions to all Ley-Reactors have been rerouted to my crystal matrix. All further functions will be calculated and reinforced by the current subroutine. Are there any questions before implementing this protocol, Rey?”

I had to think about that for a moment. Sure there were questions. Would any of them help? Probably not.

“No, I guess not Rig. Please execute.”

Taking another sip of my coffee, I pulled my left leg up onto my right and leaned back in the swivel chair. I had found the engineering bay, where there were more cubicles than complicated chambers. Automation of ships have come a long way.

A chime came through the speaker in the small sterile looking office. A picture frame sat next to the computer, with a dog standing in front of a tree. Someone used to work in this office. I wonder why they kept it so barren?

Lights flickered on and off, and the terminal I was working on reset. Thankfully it wasn't tied to my augmented reality. It was of minimal use anyway until I could integrate it with some of the ship's systems. This took priority.

Dokk told me about what the Pangean military would do if they found the vessel after it had been quarantined to sub orbit above this hell hole. It didn't sound fun.