Land of the Ley-Lines - Tyr's Sanctum

Looking down, all Marcus could do to keep himself from getting dizzy was pretend that what he was looking at was actually an illusion. Somehow he had ended up among the clouds, joined only by birds and light chills from the southern winds. It's howling was barely a whisper among the vast reaches of open sky. Beneath his feet was marbled greenish stone, which was lightly camouflaged as the distant land below him was lush with greenery.

“Right then. I, uh, suppose this is a thing.”

The moss covered door lay behind, with no real outlet off of the small ledge which he now stood. A blur of a bird swept up behind him with amazing speed, blasting him with a fierce wind as it flew past and disappeared. Losing his balance due to vertigo, he tripped and fell forward. Bracing himself for a long fall, he watched as a gust of air appeared quickly beneath him to stop his fall. The wind whistled and hissed as it increased in intensity rapidly, creating a strange smoothness that resembled hard ground.

Running his hand over it, he was awestruck.

“Wow... That's a new one.”

A screech resounded in the distance, and Marcus realized the bird was on it's way back. Before he could react, the bird had appeared and stopped with a massive burst of air that threw Marcus back at the temple door.

“I am not your enemy sharpened one. You may stay your blade.”

Brown feathers refracted light, as if the sun itself would stay it's power for the great beast. His beak moved as if he were chirping, yet he still spoke in as plain of a tongue as any man.

A voice familiar, yet distant filled Marcus' ears. Uncertainty was replaced with a feeling of confusion. Before him was the bird he had known many years ago, as a child. Mordecai was a great roc of the eastern provinces. Many days Marcus had spent riding the great hawk around the Freyan valley searching for hunting prey. He had never heard him speak before now, but perhaps there was no need to before.

“Long time no see Mordy. I take it life is treating you well?”

The bird laughed, as Marcus postured himself to appear less frazzled.

“Is life treating any creature well these days? Perhaps you, bladed one, would be most equipped to deal with the hardship our lands now face. That is why you are here, is it not?”

Flapping his wings, the wind below him swirled with barely visible tendrils of light bending. Marcus felt the mark that was now engrained on his back. It tinged with a slight burn, yet it also felt good. A reminder that for the time being, he was in control.

“I suppose I would be foolish to think I could put anything past you. Indeed, that is why I'm here.”

With a screech and a blast of wind from his wings, the air around him swirled with small tendrils, revealing a grid like structure around the whole sky.

“Welcome, old friend. You now stand before Tyr's Sanctum. Watch your step!”