Full Dive Dad - Prologue

"It's gettin' to be his birthday soon. I want to get him something really cool that his other friends won't have. You know, something big." Walking slowly down the detergent aisle, Jeff and I were checking for faced products and where things needed to be filled. "Oh? What exactly did you have in mind?" Stopping at a pallet of off brand fabric softener, Jeff noted they needed to get another pallet down. "That new Virtual Reality thing coming out he's been raving about. Apparently they're just starting to do some beta testing for home console versions. Thing's run a good five grand!" 

He stopped again and looked at me like I was crazy. "Jesus Greg! I know you make good money managing but ye gods man! That's a lot of money for a game system!" Waving my clip board around, the sounds of the morning pre-open store check filled the neighborhood Costco. "Yeah, it certainly is. But it also is a very unique opportunity and something I'd love for him to be a part of. He's so passionate about technology of course I want to give him that!" Things were going smoothly with the morning drills, a few hiccups here or there with lazy employees but nothing out of the ordinary.

Jeff sighed and shook his head while we went through the deposits. I was so excited to tell someone about my awesome Dad plan. I don't exactly spoil him by any means. "Besides, did you know that Costco pulled some strings and got me one! It was supposed to be closed market! Invite only!" So many drawers were wrong. Cashiers suck sometimes. "Yeah I get it man I get it! You did a cool thing! Kinda tooting your own horn a bit too much don't you think?"


He was right. Maybe I didn't need to rub it in so much. Still, I was proud of my accomplishment. What was I supposed to do? Either way, there was no way in hell I could have imagined learning so much from that thing. From a game. It taught me one very important lesson: My son has just as much to teach me, as I do him. I want to say I feel bad for him, especially knowing that he'll never know his mother, and will probably never see his dad again either. 

All I know is it was fun while it lasted, and I am going to miss him. Somehow, he'll find a better life. I know he will.