Sci-Fi Concepts: Questions of Habitability

Kepler System discovered by W.M. Keck Observatory and the Gemini Observatory. The first potentially habitable Earth-sized planet in a solar system.

With the discovery of Kepler-186f, it begs some serious questions about the future of our race. Will we rely more heavily on naturally created habitable planets? Or will we rely on terraforming planets within a habitable zone for ourselves? 

Obviously if a planet is capable of being habitable, there is a large likelihood that other forms of life will spawn from this planet. Could there be a moral or ethical imperative to taking over this landscape for ourselves? What kind of forms of life would we potentially be denying were we to do so?

If we were to terraform a planet for our own habitat, would we spawn new forms of life inadvertently? Would evolution play out differently on this new world than it did on our own? Could we engineer specific species to our own desires by creating environments and leaving the rest to evolution? We have controlled the evolution of species before, but how big of a scale could we perform this in?

What if we were to find that evolution repeated itself in the same way it did on our own planet? It is theorized that the universe is a computer simulation. If this were true, is there a limit to the "natural" coding that is allowed to happen? While this is highly unlikely, it's interesting to think. Even finding another habitable planet begs a lot of questions, and probably many more once we reach one. 

There are many problems with traveling to space for new homes. Many questions must be answered in order for us to move forward with inhabiting one of these new homes. Let's just hope we ask the right questions.


Sci-Fi Concepts - Dark Matter

A "web" of dark matter. 

Dark Matter certainly is an interesting problem. It is an entity that still gives scientists a lot of issues. For all intents and purposes, Dark Matter is currently hypothetical. But it has real observable effects on the universe, without being able to be observed through any kind of light emission.

While we cannot see or measure dark matter in terms of light, it still potentially has mass. But how can we be sure there is mass there when we can't see it? Well, it is easy to understand that things are still at play even if we can't observe them. But what if there is more to dark matter? What if this were an entity we could manipulate?

Would there be any practical application for this matter if we could harvest it? Speaking in terms of sci-fi stories, anti-matter has been used as an energy source. Dark matter however, isn't mentioned too much. What if this latent matter could be converted into an energy we can manipulate? What if this matter was a blank slate, and could be converted into any kind of matter if used correctly? It would still fall within the rules of conservation, just translated into a different kind of matter or energy.

At this point, how do we know whether Dark Matter could even be harvested? Is there any way to know whether it would even be something other than a strange gravitational referee? I guess we won't know until we get to space to find out for ourselves! In the mean time, let's keep in mind the possibilities of what this matter could be to us beyond just a spooky way for our universe to function!


Differentiating Fitness and Health

Fitness is the encompassing idea of how healthy you are. When we think fitness, we think of how in shape your body is. But it goes beyond just eating healthy and exercising. Just as knowledge and intelligence are two different entities, health and fitness are two different entities. Health can be defined as one's physical well being. Fitness can be defined as one's ability to use their body to meet their needs.

Depending on your life style, and desires, fitness creates a broad spectrum of meaning. If you have no desire to run marathons, to do any hard manual labor, or to be able to participate in athletic sports, then your level of fitness is defined by your desire. If you need to be able to position and maneuver your body in a broad range of activities, then your fitness level is defined by your needs. 

Fitness requires a certain level of need in order to be pertinent to the person, but there are a lot of interesting things you can learn about your body and it's capability by paying attention to how it changes as you continue to strengthen it. There are also notable mental changes as your body becomes stronger, such as increased focus, energy, and obviously strength. Personally, I'm more interested in how much physical fitness increases mental capability.

Since I started seriously working out, not only have I lost weight and gained more physical capability, I have also gained an increased mental acuity, focus, and energy. I am more capable of solving complex problems, as well as increased lateral thinking. These traits aren't necessarily exclusive to my new found desire to be physically healthy, they are simply amplified by my increased mental capability due to physical health increasing.

I also gain some social benefits as well. I'm more confident in my movement, and even my person. I'm still a rather large fellow, but I'm more comfortable with the skin I'm in. This is what most people seek when working out, which I think does a disservice to the rest of what you are capable of gaining from being physically healthy. So to all of you out there who may be struggling to find a reason to work out, or to push yourself to get to the gym, don't look at the number on the scale. Don't look at how your waistline changes. Look for how much better you feel, and how much more capable you are.

Make it important to be able to function on a greater level, to be able to think clearer, and to be able to act in the way you think you should be able to in each situation. Don't let the standard of cosmetics deter you from accomplishing fitness in your life!


Defining Our Lives

There comes a point in everyone's life where we really learn who we are. When we truly understand how our experiences and choices have created the only thing we'll ever know for sure: Ourselves. Each of these experiences is different, each one with different causes and effects. Some people change in a profound manner, and some change very little. Even though this entity cannot be described in any concrete way, it's a stage in human life that we all have or will come to know.

It's an interesting phenomenon, when you consider the consequences of consciousness. Many don't even give it a second thought, and accept it as just another change in their lives. But to me, this change is profound, and even though I am still the same person at my core, a lot of my views and ideas have changed greatly. Things I used to find unacceptable, are more than acceptable now.

Ideas that seemed to hold little weight in the world are actually much more influential than previously thought. My friends haven't changed much, and neither has my relationships with them. I have gained many new friends whom I value just as greatly as my friends prior to this tipping point. These are only the ideological and philosophical changes. Some of my senses have changed as well and become sharper.

A sense I had not had before, as strange as this is, has manifested in a big way. Feeling movement through the universe and across the surface of the Earth(e.g. when driving, a distinct feeling of traveling through space) is not something I had a very good sense of before. Perhaps that is a common feeling that I had been lacking for whatever reason, but to me it's very new and very profound! I feel as though I am more greatly attuned to the life I live.

While I cannot say if others experience this kind of phenomenon in such a profound way, I do believe there is a point in everyone's life where things just start making sense. That time for me is now, which at 26 makes me wonder if my experiences in life had been different, would I have experienced this sooner or later? Will this change make my life definitively better? Well, that's the tricky part. I can't say for sure. I can certainly say that I will feel like I enjoy life more.

But will it allow me greater opportunity to seek what I want from life? Or will it simply allow for an acceptance for what I have? If I know me, the latter will not hold much weight. I still seek to be a writer on many levels, and even though it seems like not much has been happening lately, there is a lot of leg work being done for the next story. Here's a hint: An Observe Re-Write(yet again, I know, this would be rendition #6).

However, because of how things have changed in my life, I believe the changes I wish to make will ultimately make for a better story. Which is interesting to me on the level of how life experiences can change a person's writing. I could go on and on about how this feeling and these changes effect life, but I'm not here to write another novel.

I guess despite my rambling what you can take from all of this is that even though there has been a slight lack of content within the last month, there is much more to come. One of the things I have learned is not to fear the passion that drives you. Why I had feared it in the first place, even I don't know. But this change means I am much more inclined to sit and write, than I am to sit and game. This means much more real original content coming!

As always folks, thank you for your support. I appreciate all of you who take the time to read through any of my posts! My hope is that you took away something from them, and that they provide you with some insight into your own lives. Stay Tuned for more!

E Pluribus Unum!


Forming a System - Feedback

Rey Lionhart is a quantum ley-engineer on Crystal Station Three. Her job is to ensure the Gaiaforming system runs smoothly in the Doranian Nebula. Forming planets artificially is no easy task, especially when you're managing a ley-system that runs through a crystal the size of your average bustling city. Well, it's not easy if you're not Rey Lionhart.

As a prodigy with quantum theory and ley-engineering, she has set the standard for how these things run. A lot of people have their eye on her ability to maintain this ever important system. So it's easy to understand that when things start to go wrong, and even she doesn't know what's wrong, things aren't as they seem. 

What kind of connection could déjà vu, quantum mechanics, and her work with the Gaiaforming initiative have? Maybe the Pangean Justiciary Douglas Kindall could shed some light on this. Or make things infinitely more complicated. Intrigued? You should be.

Forming a System immerses you into a universe of fantastic science, technology, and chaos. 

Want to get a sneak peek at Forming a System? How about help make the story better? Would you like to tell the author what you REALLY think of his story? Here's your chance. Below is a link to the Pre-Release version of Forming a System in an easily readable e-book PDF format. At the end of the story, there are instructions on how you can give the author your direct feedback.

Feel free to share it with your friends, and give them an opportunity to let their voice be heard too. Let's make this an experiment.

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